Exploration in Norway

Leveraging on our long lasting experience and technical skills we aim to play an increasing role on the NCS. 

We are up for the challenge!

10 licences, 6 operated, 3 discoveries
We have a proven track record thanks to the oil discoveries of Dvalin (Zidane) East and West in 2010/2012 and Nova (formerly known as Skarfjell) in 2012.  These discoveries are currently entering the development phase and the future production from these fields will contribute tos the company’s targets. 

In 2014 Edison accomplished a positive drilling decision in PL 616 license, and the first exploration was drilled mid-2015. 

Edison is ready to contribute to the exploration and production on the NCS through the knowledge and experience gained by operating in a variety of different plays and petroleum systems. Edison Norge AS uses structured work process and logical steps in both exploration phase (from regional evaluations to prospect assessment) and operational processes (from exploratory well drilling to discovery appraisal). We will continue our exploration activity combining organic growth with targeted opportunities in order to optimize our portfolio and consolidate our positioning in the country.

To accomplish this, Edison Norge AS has formed a team of experienced people, with high technical competence in different disciplines. Our technical staff in Norway have substantial exploration experience on the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and in particular in the Barents Sea. Also Edison Norge AS can rely on the full support of skills and tools from Exploration department in Milano office. 


Edison Norge AS has participated in all the APA licences rounds since 2006 and in the 20th, 21st &22nd Licensing Round. Edison was qualified as Operator in the NCS in 2009. 

Starting from 2011 Edison is leading, as Operator, the management of 7 licenses (PL 595, PL 587,PL 616, PL 707,PL759, PL727,PL770) located in the Barents Sea, Norwegian Sea and North Sea.

Edison participates actively, as partner, in the licenses activities. In the last years Edison has participated in the drilling phase of 6 new exploratory wells on the NCS with 3 discoveries:

Dvalin (Zidane) 1 (PL 435, RWE Op.)

Dvalin (Zidane) 2 (PL 435, RWE Op.)

Nova 1 (PL 4918, Wintershall Op.)


  • Dvalin (Zidane) 1 - well 6507/7-14S  (PL 435, RWE Op.) 
  • Dvalin (Zidane) 2 - well 6507/7-15S  (PL 435, RWE Op.)

Production license (PL) 435 is located 15 Km northwest of the Heidrun field and 35 Km south of the Skarv field in the Norwegian Sea. In the 1980s the Dvalin (Zidane) area was not considered very promising by the oil industry following unsuccessful exploration by some companies.

New exploration concepts derived from revue of old well data resulted the application for a relinquished area. PL435 was awarded in 2007 and the Dvalin (Zidane) 1exploration well 6507/7-14S was drilled in September 2010 and proving a 150 meter gas column in the Fangst group.

In the second part of the 2000s new exploration concepts were developed, and in 2007 a consortium with RWE Dea as operator (40%), Edison (20%), Maersk Oil (20%) and OMV (20%) was awarded PL435. The Dvalin (Zidane)  1exploration well , 6507/7-14S was drilled in September 2010 and found a 150 meter column in the Fangst group.

A second well drilled in 2012, Dvalin (Zidane) 2 well 6507/7-15S, penetrated a separate accumulation and found gas in a 140 meter column of gas in the Fangst group.

The field development plan is currently in the conceptual design phase. Commercial production is expected to start by 2018.

The development is planned with four with four producing wells with subsea completion drilled from one centrally located template tied-in to the Heidrun platform. Gas will be exported via Polarled.

The most likely Technically Recoverable Reserves (P50) are estimated to be 17.06 GSm3 with a plateau rate of 7MSm3/day.

NOVA (formerly known as Skarfjell) DISCOVERY (PL 418), NORTHERN NORTH SEA

  • Nova 1 (PL 418, Wintershall Op.)

The Nova (formerly known as Skarfjell) discovery was made by the 35/9-7 well drilled in 2012 in the PL 418, Northern North Sea, 17 kms southwest of the Gjøia Field.

The discovery well found good reservoir in the upper Jurassic Heather formation with good reservoir quality.

The discovery was appraised by 35/9-8 well, drilled in 2013 approximately 1,8 km to the north. The appraisal well found a thicker reservoir and the Oil Water Contact was penetrated.

The 35/9-10 well was drilled in the southern part of the Nova with two deviated wellbores (35/9-10S&35/9-10A).

The recoverable resources are estimated between 10 and 23 million Smc of oil and condensate, and 8-15 billion Smc of gas. The Nova discovery is currently in the pre-development phase.