About us

Norway is a strategic country for Edison. The group aims to develop Norwegian assets and to consolidate the third active pole of production in the North Sea with the UK, in addition to Italy and Egypt.

Edison Norge AS is controlled by Edison International Spa  a subsidiary of Edison SPA which is one of the major Italian energy players and is part of EDF Group. Edison entered the Norwegian Continental Shelf in 2006 and established  its Stavanger based office in 2007 through Edison International Norway Branch.

Through primarily organic growth, Edison reached a portfolio of 18 licenses. The exploration activity has been resulting in three discoveries (Dvalin (Zidane) East, West and Skarfjell) that are now in a development planning phase. On the 1st  January 2015 Edison International Norway Branch became Edison Norge AS. www.edison-norge.no

Norway portfolio
Edison manages 12 licenses distributed in the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and in the Barents Sea. Edison Norge has been awarded 5 new licenses in the APA 2015.

Edison has participated in eight exploration wells resulting in three commercial discoveries; Dvalin (Zidane) East and West, Skarfjell. Edison first operated well in Norway was drilled in PL 616 in the southern North Sea in 2015. 

Edison is willing to continue its organic growth participating in future licensing rounds and performing at the same time an optimization of its portfolio through proactive portfolio management. All this will grant a steady exploration activity and maintain a good balance of risks, potential and timing of developments.

Edison has successfully participated in the Skarfjell discovery (PL 418). The discovery was appraised with two wells in 2013 and is now in a development planning phase with concept select scheduled for end 2015. A plan of development is in progress for the Dvalin (Zidane) discoveries, Dvalin (Zidane) East and West (PL 435) in mid Norway.

Edison participates in the Polarled pipeline under construction from the Åsta Hansteen Field to the Nyhamna terminal.  Polarled will allow transportation of gas from Mid Norway including the Dvalin (Zidane) production to the European market.