Results APA 2013

Edison was awarded five licences in the APA 2013 in January 2014.

PL498B - is part of Block 7/8 in the North Sea and was awarded as protection acreage for PL498. North Energy assigned its interest to Lime Petroleum pre-award.

The work programme is to reprocess 3D and/or acquire new 3D seismic before making a drill-or-drop decision at the end of 2 years. The well can be drilled in PL498 provided the applied for prospect is drilled. 

Partners: Lotos* (25%), Edison (25%), Lime (12,5%), North Energy (12,5%), Skagen44 (25%)


PL503C - comproses part of Block 17/5 and was awarded as protection acreage for licences PL503 and PL503B held by the same group.

A drill-or-drop decision is required within 12 months, though the well can be drilled on licence PL503B provided the applied for prospect (Valberget Prospect) is drilled. 

Skagen44 AS          25.00000 Shares
Edison International Norway Branch     25.00000 Shares
Lotos Exploration and Production Norge AS    25.00000 Shares (operator)
Lime Petroleum Norway AS         12.50000 Shares
North Energy ASA  12.50000 Shares

PL727 - Edison operated licence covering parts of Blocks 3/5, 3/6, 3/8 and 3/9. The licence lies in the southern North Sea, north of the Danish Cecilie and Stine fields and adjacent to Licence PL541 (Block 4/4) where the Brattholmen prospect was drilled in 2013 with the intention of proving extension of the Siri fairway into Norway. 

Three of the partners in that well are in PL727 and the group is following the trend westwards towards the Central Grabel source kithen. 3D seismic acquisition os required ahead of a drill-or-drop decision in two years. 

Partners: Edison* (40%), Concedo (30%), Skagen44 (30%)


PL759 - comprises a small part of Block 6608/10 lying in the Norwegian Sea between the two producing segments of the Skuld Field. Well 6608/10-5 was drilled as a dry hole in the licence area by Statoil in 1995. 

3D seismic acquisition and reprocessing is required ahead of a drill-or-drop decision in two years. 

Partners: Edison* (40%), Concendo (30%), Skagen44 (30%)


PL770 - lies in the southern Barents Sea and comprises part of Block 7123/6 and Blocks 7124/4 and 7124/5 and lies adjacent to the south of Licence PL595 held by Edison and North Energy, where a drill-or-drop decision is imminently required. 

The licence requires 3D acquisition before a drill-or-drop option after two years. 

Partners: Edison* (60%), Lime (20%), North Energy (20%)

Our licences

Our portfolio consists of 19 licenses and our aim is to grow gradually.