Completed Ørnen exploration well

Edison Norge AS has participated in  the drilling  of the exploration well 7130/4-1 on the Ørnen prospect, located in PL 708, on the eastern part of the Finnmark Platform in the Barents Sea South. 

Operator Lundin Norway AS ("Lundin") started drilling operation on 22th November 2015, using the semi-submersible rig Transocean Arctic in a water depth of 288 m. The exploration well 7130/4-1, which is the first one drilled in PL708, reached total depth at 3160 m below sea surface and it has been plugged and abandoned as minor gas discovery.

The main target consisting of Upper Permian spiculites and carbonates (Roye Formation) was encountered and cored, but the reservoir quality was poorer than expected. MDT sampling encountered only water with no indications of movable hydrocarbons. The Upper Permian spiculitic reservoir was proven in nearby wells and the discovery well 7128/4-1 is located in PL707 where Edison Norge AS is the Operator.

The secondary target, Permo-Carboniferous carbonates (Ørn Formation) was encountered with minor hydrocarbon shows and poor reservoir characteristics. Subsequently, the well was deepened into the third target, Lower Carboniferous sandstones (Soldogg Formation) encountering moderate to good sands with an uncommercial 5 m gas column. The assessment of the size of the discovery is unclear at this time, but indications are that it is too small to be commercial.

The well was not formation-tested, but extensive data acquisition and sampling were carried out, with cores from the primary exploration target, and lateral cores in the secondary exploration target (the Soldogg formation).

Partners in the production license PL 708 are Lundin Norway AS, the Operator (40%), Edison Norge AS (20%), LUKOIL Overseas North Shelf AS (20%), North Energy ASA (10%) and Lime Petroleum Norway AS (10%). Pure E&P Norway AS is in the process to take over North Energy share in the production license with effective date 1st January 2015, but the transaction is conditional on the approval of the Norwegian authorities.

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