Edison E&P activities

Edison is going to play an increasingly important role in the oil and gas sector becoming EDF Group’s center of competences for hydrocarbons related activities.

E&P operations have grown from being a niche Italian activity to becoming an established international outfit. Edison's main hydrocarbon activities are located in Egypt, Italy and the North Sea (Norway and UK) and others operations in Algeria, Croatia, Falkland Islands, Israel, thanks to 111 concessions and permits.

We believe that the best way to reach our goals is accomplished though the best practices in what we do in accordance with local culture.

Edison also participates in strategic infrastructural projects in order to contribute to the diversification, the security and the competitiveness  of Europe’s supplies. In this mission Edison will be strengthened and complemented by EDF’s ongoing  infrastructure development such as the Dunkerque LNG terminal and the South Stream pipeline.