We have 130 years of history, we have our headquarters in Milano and we are one of the oldest energy companies in continental Europe.

Edison was founded in 1884 in Milano and it is one of Europe’s oldest energy companies. Today, it’s the second energy company in Italy and a European leading operator with operations in the supply, production and sales of electric power and hydrocarbons (natural gas and crude oil).

Edison employs 5000 people with operations and activities in many different countries: Italy, Greece, UK, Norway, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Belgium, Turkey, Algeria, Egypt, Israel, and Falkland Islands.

Edison Milestones

2018 Edison Exploration & Production is established on July 1st

2015 Edison Norge AS is established on January 1st

2012 Edison is part of EDF Group (Electricité de France) which owns 99.48% of the company

2011 Edison achieves the milestone of more than 1,400,000 customers

2009 Edison unveils its gas sales package for the residential market

2008 Edison unveils its electric power sales package for the residential market

2007 Edison establishes Edison Norway branch 

2005 Edison’s control passes to Transalpina Energia, a 50-50 joint venture of Electricité de France and Delmi (group of financial investor led by A2A)

2002 The merger of Montedison, Edison, Sondel and Fiat Energia creates the “new” Edison

1999 The Bersani Decree goes into effect and Edison enters the deregulated energy market

1979 SELM (Servizi Elettrici Montedison) is established as a separate company

1966 Edison merges with Montecatini. Montedison becomes a chemical giant

1962 Italy’s electric power industry is nationalized and Edison becomes a self-producer

1931 Edison begins to supply natural gas to households in Milan

1884 The “Società Generale Italiana di Elettricità Sistema Edison” was established on 6th January

1883 Continental Europe’s first commercial power plant is built at Milan, Santa Radegonda