Spud prospect Ørnen

Edison Norge As participates in the drilling of the Ørnen prospect, located in PL708.

Edison Norge AS is participating in the drilling of well 7130/4-1, exploring the Ørnen prospect. The well was spudded on 21st November 2015, using the semi-submersible rig Transocean Artic in a water depth of 288 m.

PL 708, located on the Finnmark Platform of the East Barents Sea, was awarded on 21st June 2013, as result of the 22nd Licensing Round.

The primary objective of the well is to test the hydrocarbon presence and the carbonate reservoir quality of the Permian Spiculite Roye Fm.. Potential secondary targets are represented by the deeper Ørn and Soldoggs Fms..

The planned total depth is approximately 2,630 metres below mean sea level and the well will be drilled with the semi-submersible drilling unit Transocean Artic. The drilling operation is expected to take approximately 60 days.

The results of the well 7130/4-1 are considered by Edison Norge AS, Operator in the nearby production license PL 707, extremely important for the evaluation of an analogue play concept. In fact Barents Sea is considered a strategic area with a huge resource base, which will be developed in compliance with the tightest environmental and safety standards provided for the people and environment protection by the Norwegian Authorities.

Partners in the production license PL 708 are Lundin Norway AS as Operator (40%), Edison Norge AS (20%), LUKOIL Overseas North Shelf AS (20%), North Energy ASA (10%) and Lime Petroleum Norway AS (10%). Pure E&P Norway AS is in the process to take over the North Energy share in the production license with effective date at 1st January 2015, but the transaction is conditional on the approval of the Norwegian authorities.

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