Technical achievements

Our technical staff in Norway has substantial exploration experience on the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and in particular on the Barents Sea. Also Edison Norge can rely on strong competence of exploration and production experience of Edison group in the oil and gas sector.

As demonstrated by recent achievements (history list below), it is part of the Edison "philosophy" to constantly monitor the evolution of the technology to benefit from innovations that could bring improvements to its well operations from the safety, technical and cost effectiveness standpoints.

The areas of Well and Development Operations Excellence in Edison is the following:

  • Drilling Fractured Carbonates: management of drilling operations through abnormally pressured fractured carbonates, in the presence of circulation losses phenomena and very narrow margin between the mud and the fracture opening pressure gradient (management of loss gain phenomena). E.g.: Vega, Mila, Rospo Mare Horizontal drilling:
  • Horizontal drilling: Several long horizontal drain holes have been drilled on- and offshore, applying the most updated drilling technology. E.g. Vega, Rospo Mare, Collalto Drilling through depleted reservoirs. Accettura, Cellino
  • Heavy Oil Recovery: Wide experience in techniques aimed at lifting heavy oil; Use of diluting fluids in different combinations (ESP, jet pump lift, etc.) for both, well testing and production activities. E.g.: Vega.
  • Deep Water Drilling and Production: Drilling and production from subsea wellheads in more than 500 m water depth. E.g. Egypt Mediterranean off-shore (WDDM Concessions, Edison partner)
  • Ultra Deep Drilling: Depth record wells drilled in Italy, both on and off-shore. On shore well featuring high temperature (Suviana 1 well, drilled in 1986, TD 7810 m, T>180°C) 
  • Multilevel selective completions featuring multiple string (up to four) and multiple packers
  • Sand Control
  • Simultaneous drilling-work over operations while producing (Simops)