Our group

Focusing on energy and technology for more than 130 years.

Edison has over 3000 employees and has presence in 14 countries. Our EBITDA was 1,009 million of Euro in 2013. Edison has an integrated presence both in electricity and in the hydrocarbons sector and has more than 60 years of experience in E&P (exploration and production). Since 2012 Edison is the hydrocarbon platform of EDF Group.

Edison Headquarters is based in Milano. Edison E&P activities outside Italy are managed by Edison International which is an established international operator with growth ambition. We are active in the oil and gas sector in Italy, Egypt, UK, Norway, Algeria, Croatia, Israel, Falkland Island. Norway is a strategic country for Edison.  The group aims to develop Norwegian assets and to consolidate the third active pole of production in the North Sea with the UK, in addition to Italy and Egypt.

The company has an integrated presence in the hydrocarbons sector from production to importation, distribution and sale of natural gas and crude oil. The Group has hydrocarbons reserves of 50.4 billion cubic meters, thanks to 111 concessions and permits in Italy and abroad. Its hydrocarbon Exploration and Production activities are in Italy, Algeria, Croatia, Egypt, Falkland Islands, Israel, Norway and UK. Edison also manages 3 gas storage centres in Italy and has some distribution operations. Edison has also participated to the conceptual design and the construction of the facility of Adriatic LNG Terminal, an offshore Gravity Based Structure for unloading, storing and regasifying Liquefied Natural Gas. Edison uses 80% of the Adriatic LNG regasification terminal capacity (8 billion of cubic meters of natural gas imported from Qatar).

Electric power
Edison has an installed capacity of 7.7 GW thanks to a generation fleet of 47 hydro plants, 22 thermoelectric plants, 32 wind plants, 9 solar plants and 1 biomass plant in Italy. Between 2001 and 2008 the company completed one of Europe’s largest investment plans in power  generation by building new highly efficient and eco-friendly gas powered plants for 7.000 MW. In Greece, through ElpEdison (Joint Venture with Hellenic Petroleum), Edison is the second largest electricity company in the country.

Residential customers
In Italy Edison is in the residential market with an offer to supply electric power and gas to families that is recognised as the most affordable alternative. The sales package can meet every consumption need with different options. Today Edison has over 1,500,000 customers after the liberalization of the market in 2008. 


111 concessions & exploration permits
15.7 billion cubic meters of gas sales
50.4 billion cubic meters of hydrocarbons reserves
22.5% of Italian gas demand covered by Edison
3 gas storages and 1 LNG terminal

Electric power
18.7 TWh of net electric power production
6.7% of Italian power production
7.7 GW of total installed capacity
47 hydroelectric plants
22 thermoelectric plants
32 wind farms and 9 solar plants